Infinistore Portal

Until the full infiniverse metro is in place it can be difficult to navigate around the map and know where you are.  Never fear, we have built the infinistore city portal to help!

Want to go to a quiet area at the edge of the map to get a cheap penthouse?  We're here to help!

Head to the Infinistore outside Grand Central (where you spawn). The nearest Infinistore is in 2 Cryonic Circus on the 142nd floor (or thereabouts). 

You can also visit any of our 150 stores across the infiniverse wherever you see our logo on an apartment.


Chose to 'Visit the Floor' and head through the door to the portal, store and showrooms.

Head to the City Portal and then choose where you want to go across the Infiniverse. Then head through the appropriate door to teleport there.



If you are looking for cheap penthouses then try these:



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