Infiniverse Resources

The Infinistore City Portal is also now live - find out how to use it here

We *love* the infiniverse as much as you do, and so are keen to do all we can to help in understanding how best to use and navigate it!

Do check out the Inifimaps map page too for the latest maps and goings on in the infiniverse!

Here are some places we recommend to visit and some of our Infiniverse friends: 


Our Infiniverse store is now live - the first ever store in the Infiniverse!  Come and look at our products and then order either through your Oculus headset, or jump out onto your phone or computer and order from our website! To access the store, look at 'Rooms' on your left wrist menu and if we are in the store we should appear.  If not then the process is a bit more complicated until stores officially go live!  Follow the navigation directions below to make a door in your home room direct to us!

our virtual store



We know that getting around the infiniverse in it's pre-beta state can be confusing (and involve some long walks!).  Luckily some of our Infiniverse friends are working hard to make this easier before the official transport modes arrive!

Please support them and check out their great transportation hubs!

Door Image Site Link
addict Reovering_Addict Infiniverse Hub - super impressive room with great links!
 The MicRaaEil Hub - Connect to loads of apartments across the Infinverse

  The Continental Switchboard (Fade Bloodlace) - connect to locations across the Infinverse  
  BizzyZilla Infiniverse Shopping Directory (Bizzy Lizzy) - a curated list of early infinistore shops and connect to interesting locations across the Infinverse including the dinosaurs!
The infinibridge transporter for getting around the Infiniverse
Link to the growing LGBTQ neighborhood in the infiniverse
FB_Hub The Hub for the Unofficial Infiniverse Facebook Group


How to visit the above transportation hubs?

1. Visit 

2. Log In to your account (top right)

 3. Click on the link to your personal metaverse

metaverse link page

4. Click on the link for your 'Multiverse Home'

home link

5. Scroll down to where it says Door, then change the dropdown box to 'Metaverse URL' and copy and past the links from the navigation hubs (or any of your own apartments) into the text box, then click 'Save'

NOTE: It is important that if it pastes the http:// then you NEED TO DELETE this, otherwise the door will show a padlock when you are in the room.  The text you need to paste should be in the format '' (without the ' ').  Try it with this text if you want to add a direct link to the infinistore in your apartment!

 To Add a door graphic

6. On the box labelled 'Panel' next to the door that you just edited, click the dropdown arrow, then upload the file of the image you want to show on the door (square format). 

add image

To add the Infinstore logo, download the Infinistore Door Graphic and save on your PC or phone. Upload to the door you want to link.

 Door Graphic